Amorex Solutions Ltd. is a dynamic, high-technology company providing the oil and gas industry with fully integrated consulting services and advanced software products.  APC is a product of the 90's born out of and guided by innovative ideas, experience and advanced Petroleum engineering principles and practices.  We offer high quality, cost effective and friendly service to all oil and gas companies, large or small.  APC offers the Petroleum engineering technology and know-how required for any oil and gas company to compete effectively, optimize their productivity and returns for their investments.  We perform engineering projects and evaluations of any magnitude using state-of-the art technology to assist the client in increasing the values of existing and acquired assets by fully developing and exploiting the reserves from both developed and undeveloped lands.  At APC, our clients' success is of paramount importance. Excellence, dedication, efficiency and professionalism are our watchwords. We welcome projects ranging from short-term assignments to engagements requiring in-depth and on-going relationship with our clients.  Assignments, large or small, long-term or short-term, are handled with equal enthusiasm. Advanced technical background and expertise in Petroleum engineering, mathematics and computer science led to the increasing expansion of our services and development of various state-of-the-art computer software systems for production optimization and efficient reservoir exploitation strategies.

Amorex Solutions Ltd
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Andrew E. Warionmor
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